Packing like a PRO
When it comes to getting advice on how to organize possessions when changing homes, no one gives it better than people who have been through the process a couple of times. Most experiences individuals have described the process as nothing short of an art. Each step taken when arranging belongings add up to a bigger picture. In most cases, people say that no matter how many times they take on the task of packing when moving long-distance, some things are bound to head south. A couple of belongings are going to get damaged, and time may appear to be running a lot faster than you anticipated. Even with the lack of a perfect way to handle this process, unless professional moving and packing services are involved, some steps come in handy to make the best of the situation.

Each relocation is distinct from the other, and even then, nearly all individuals that have completed theirs confess that the process of unpacking is the most challenging. Before the relocation, each task has a timeline within which it has to be completed to move on to the next one before the big day rolls by. Once the chattels are delivered, most people find it too much to deal with, especially after the stress of packing and moving long-distance. It seems more comfortable to walk around with a pile of boxes all around since rarely do deadlines apply in this case. Some containers can even go unpacked for months while tacked away in attics and garages. On the upside, there are a few handy tricks that can be applied to make the burden less to bear:

  • Use labels
  • When packing for long-distance moving, ensure that you indicate what is in each container. That way, you know its contents when arranging the new home even before opening it. Depending on your preference, you can simply indicate the room the box contents belong in, or you can have a whole inventory showing its contents as well. You can also use colored markers to assign cartons to rooms so that the hauling crew knows where each box goes as they unload them from the truck.

  • Bundle similar effects together
  • The organization process can have you drained to the point that you want to shove belongings into a carton without paying attention. Doing this will only make the unpacking process more challenging since you probably have to sift through a lot of containers before you can have each item for every room in the place. If the possessions are going to stay in one place in the new home, store them collectively.

  • Declutter
  • When you have less to arrange at the new residence, the easier it will be for you to get over the hurdle. Save yourself the energy of having to carry things that you no longer need by going through everything you own and trashing anything useless. Items that are still in good condition but do not serve a purpose in your life can be put on sale or given to charity.