Every business has a speciality, and for Pacific Moving Canada it's long distance moves. Any move can be a daunting task, but we find our clients' anxiety grows along with the distance they're about to travel (at least until they entrust their move to us!). We're not afraid to articulate the reality – we know there are a wide selection of cross country movers available, but our calibre of standards, rates and services outclass them all. We have the testimonials to prove it! Foremost among these are the many satisfied clients we've helped move throughout the country.

Journey into Our World

Don’t let fears of the unknown keep you anxiety ridden and locked into a heavy load to bear. Journey into a brief break-down of the process and see what Pacific Moving Canada will do for you:
  • We will discuss all your long distance moving needs, such as: packing materials, necessary truck size, number of movers required and all aspects to your move including your personal preferences.
  • Our professional long distance mover will prepare and secure all your belongings including disassembly of furniture.
  • All furniture and household items will be secured inside the truck with specialized belts to prevent any damages during transportation.
  • Upon arrival our professional long distance movers will unload the truck into your new home, unpack, assemble and arrange the furniture upon your request without any additional charges.