What coverage do you provide?

Basic Liability Coverage. Under this plan customers have minimum protection for their belongings at no extra cost. Our company offers maximum basic liability of $0.60 per pound per article. For example, a 100 lb. dresser would be covered by up to $60.00. All claims are subject to $300 deductible.

Can I change the dates after booking or cancel move?

Customers must contact us as soon as possible to re-schedule a move for new dates. Contacting us in advance will make it easier to arrange new dates for your move. Your deposit will be withheld should you decide to cancel or re-schedule your move within 7 days of the scheduled date or withheld 50% of the deposit amount should you cancel or reschedule greater than 7 days of the scheduled pick up date

Weight and space occupancy disclaimer

If the weight of the household goods will weight less than 700 lbs per every 100 cubic feet (of trailer space), the billing process will automatically be adjusted to the calculation of 700 lbs per every 100 cubic feet.
Example #1: 1400 lbs occupying 300 cubic feet will be billed as 2100 lbs (300 cbf x 700 lbs per every 100 cbf).
Example #2: 2000 lbs occupying 100 cubic feet will be billed as 2000 lbs due to the low amount of occupied space.

Is my presence during the move obligatory?

You are not obligated to be present during moving process as long as you have another person assigned to take care of moving process and allow our movers to load/offload your belongings.

Are you able to move cars or motorcycles?

We have no problems shipping your car or motorcycle. The shipping cost will depend on the model of your vehicle and distance between the pickup and delivery addresses. We may ship the car in the same truck along with your belongings or separately depending on the space availability in our vehicle.

Do I pack items myself?

If you would like to save money during your moving process, we recommend to pack items by yourself. However, our company offers full packing services for an extra fee. You may receive additional information by contacting our customer service team. When packing on your own, please make sure to box your items properly for safe transportation. If our foreman considers improper packing, re-packing will be billed according to our standard rates.

How soon should I contact to schedule my move?

The sooner the better. Contacting us in advance will give you more chances to reserve the dates that are convenient to your moving needs. Due to our successful business structure we are usually booked to capacity during peak season. Once your move is scheduled, our sales representative will contact you with a confirmation and details of your move. Our company takes responsibility of your moving details accuracy.

Free Storage

The free storage promotion starts from the pick up date and counts till delivery date. At the end of the 5 weeks period the standard storage rates will apply. One storage installment is equal to 4 weeks. Storage facility is located in Toronto, ON. This promotion is valid only for moves which are transiting Toronto, ON. A re-delivery fee will apply to move the goods from storage to the new residence. The re-delivery fee is to be determined by the final weight of the goods.

Free storage promotion needs to be booked prior to the pick up date otherwise it may not be available or may incur additional costs.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we do. Seniors, students and military customers may benefit of discounts. We offer 5% discount for our repeat customers.

What is your minimum charge?

Our minimum weight charge is 1000 lbs.

How do I pay?

We can accept payments by cash, credit/debit cards or e-mail money transfers Interac. Our representatives will make sure to provide all the information about our payment procedure.

Absent Customers

We encourage our customers to remain with us throughout the entire move, not least because when we are moving items such as furniture you can then point out any scratches, marks, or dents that we may have missed, or vice versa. Or when full packing service is required, to guide the moving crew what items need to be packed and what not. If for whatever reason you are not available during your move, or if you need to leave during your move, we will need you to assign a person who will be responsible for conducting loading/unloading process. Under these circumstances, we will not be responsible for any missing or damaged items, nor will we be held responsible for any items that were not moved.

What are other fees I should be aware of?

Our representatives will supply you with all information related to your moving process. Additional fees may apply for handling over-sized items, gym equipment, major appliances, upright pianos or any other bulky items. In case there is not enough space to access by 68 ft tractor-trailer, we may be required to betake to the help of a shuttle service. This services is provided at additional cost. Customer is responsible for all parking tickets and overtime during moving process. All fees are added to your final bill according to our standard rates.

How can I save money during my move?

Planning your move in advance will make the moving process smooth and efficient. Proper planning, prior research and help from your friends might speed up the process. Packing items on your own will save you money. Our representatives will assist you with any questions you may have.

Do you offer door to door moving service?

Yes, we do. Your belongings are loaded/unloaded on a door to door basis.

Do you offer items protection during bad weather conditions?

Yes, we do. All your furniture will be protected by wrapping in moving blankets (pads) and/or shrink wrap during your move.

Unforeseen or force majeure circumstances

Pacific Moving Canada must not be held responsible for delays caused by heavy weather conditions (snow storms, heavy rains, wind conditions, etc), traffic jams, vehicle's mechanical problems occurred on road. In this instance, Pacific Moving Canada may reschedule your move to the next available date and time. Should such circumstances take place, Pacific Moving Canada will not provide compensations, refund or any discounts.

How do I know the weight of my household?

Please note that your final weight will be determined upon truck scale. The industry average weight of your household depends on the number of bedrooms. Thus, a 1 bedroom house or apartment would weight between 1000 to 2000 lbs. An average weight for 2 bedroom apartment or house would be approximately 3000-6000 lbs and a 3 bedroom house closer to 6000-10000 lbs. Pacific Moving Canada strives to update  industry average as often as possible.

How do I submit a claim?

You will have 7 days starting from delivery date to submit a written form of your claim. All claims must be sent to our company's e-mail address sales@pacificmovingcanada.ca. Claims received after the lapse of 7 days will have to be approved by Claims Department for further investigation.

Should I book the elevator?

Yes, you should, as long as your apartment is located over 2nd floor. Reserve the elevator in advance to ease and speed up the moving process.

What is your general delivery time frame?

It takes approximately up to 14 business days in transit from the scheduled departure date. For moves from West coast to East Coast or East Coast to West Coast, it may take up to 21 business days. We have weekly departures to/from West Coast and monthly departures to/from East Coast.

Pacific Moving Canada is responsible to provide a notice of at least 24 hours prior to pick up and delivery. For all other updates, we invite customers to contact our customer service team.

How do I ease the moving process for my children?

Moving to a new place can be quite stressful for children. Even if the move means an improvement in family life, children don't always understand that and may be frightened by the upcoming changes. The most important way to prepare kids to move is to talk about it. Try to discuss about the move in advance. Give the answers to questions completely and truthfully, and be receptive to both positive and negative reactions. Try to involve your kids in the move planning. This will make the change feel less like it's being forced on them. You have to provide as much information as you can about the new home, city, and province. Try to take pictures of the new house and new school for your children. Internet research will help to learn about the community and favourite activities the kids can participate in at the new place.

Can you move pets and plants?

We do not move pets. You have to move pets in your own vehicle. We have the possibility to move plants, but don't recommend it due to extended delivery time frame.